Sven Moeller joins africon GmbH as Principal


africon is delighted to add another member, Sven Moeller, to the team as a principal. With our “bridging potentials” philosophy, we have been strengthening our team in Africa. The africon team constitutes professionals with unparalleled skills and experience. Sven Moeller embodies significant long-term Africa working and living experience and will be instrumental in supporting africon in its growth trajectory.

Sven specializes in trade between developed and emerging markets, with 26 years’ experience in African – German bilateral trade in both public & private sectors. His core competencies and responsibilities include industrial plant technology (e.g. petrochemical, mining & marine), public-private partnerships, sub-Saharan Africa market penetration strategies, and diplomatic & political engagements, among others.

Sven holds a Master of Business Administration from Manchester Metropolitan University and attended Strategic Management and Leadership studies at the Chartered Management Institute. He was formerly the Regional CEO of sub-Saharan Africa at ThyssenKrupp AG, the Managing Director at Bow Wave Advisory, and is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Witwatersrand. He has held various leadership positions, including the Elected President of the Southern African German Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Emerging markets demand the attention of any corporate mind envisioning growth. Africa certainly captures our imagination but, all too often, trepidation deters action. I aim to foster this curiosity and mitigate risk by creating bespoke and multifaceted expansion strategies for commercial giants, SMEs, and dynamic start-ups alike. Drawing on my over two decades of fostering trade between Germany and sub-Saharan Africa, I continue to serve africon’s clients in honour of their personal, corporate individuality, just as I wished for such support in my early days pondering trade opportunities in Africa. I have travelled, I have failed, I have succeeded, and I have grown. I have created vast networks among dear friends and trusted colleagues from many walks of life across this extraordinary continent – all of which I share with my colleagues and clients demonstrating my great love for this captivating continent which is alive with opportunities”, Sven notes.


Claudia Krüger joins africon as the Head of Finance & Administration (Germany).

The africon vision is to create possibilities not only for international companies wanting to do business in Africa but also for those wanting to expand within the continent and internationally. Based on our philosophy of “bridging potentials”, we have expanded our footprint in Germany by hiring Claudia Krüger as the Head of Finance & Administration.

Claudia studied business management majoring in tourism and international business at the University of Applied Sciences in Stralsund, Germany, and Estonian Business School Tallinn in Estonia. She has seven years of experience as a unit manager for an international company focusing on corporate management, HR, and organization.

“I am convinced of the potential that the African markets hold and of the services we as africon offer to our customers! It inspires me every day to be part of this international team,” she says.

Aschalew Worku joins africon as a Business Analyst in Ethiopia

With our philosophy of “bridging potentials”, we are strengthening our team in East Africa. To help us continue providing the best services for our clients, we brought on one new team member from Ethiopia. Ethiopia is the second most populous nation in Africa after  Nigeria,  and has one of the fastest growing economies in the continent.

Aschalew Worku joined africon GmbH as a Business Analyst in September 2021. He studied Economics and Business Administration. Before joining africon, Mr. Worku acquired a decade of experience in conducting research in various sectors for local and international consultancies in Ethiopia. Moreover, he has experience in managing different projects. He is currently working on a project in the construction sector in Ethiopia. He will be supporting clients in project work in Ethiopia and assist the team with other tasks.

“I am delighted and motivated to join africon and bring my knowledge and expertise to project work in the continent. I look forward to exploring the African markets and deepening my knowledge in various sectors,” he notes.

Slide of the month (SOTM) September. The Nigerian rail industry

The population on the African continent is booming, which represents both vast opportunities and significant risks. Adequate infrastructure is one of the key determinants as to which of the two sides dominates. Consequently, many African governments are increasingly investing into rail infrastructure.

To make use of arising opportunities, africon was contracted by a globally leading rail component supplier. The project target was to identify opportunities and ways to access them in Nigeria.

Overall, the Nigerian rail industry has recently seen various positive developments. The market is experiencing significant growth, despite a vast range of challenges that persist. The total level of rail development in Nigeria still lags behind many other African countries, such as Kenya. However, in a drive to supplement or replace the old narrow-gauge network, Nigeria is working on many projects for its new standard gauge network. Among them are large lines connecting major urban centers and intracity lines in Lagos and Abuja. Some of these projects such as the Lagos Ibadan line have recently been completed. Others are in various stages of construction, planning, and evaluation. Consequently, the country’s rolling stock is increasing. While maintenance is still often poor, the standard gauge stock is in better condition.

A “force to reckon with” in many areas of the industry is the strong Chinese influence. Chinese entities hold significant impact in areas such as funding, infrastructure development, and rolling stock. Nevertheless, significant opportunities also exist for other international suppliers. Critical are the right local partners, as well as an open eye for potential cooperation with Chinese players.

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