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Event IHK Reutlingen: How German companies can benefit from the African growth markets.

African markets offer great opportunities for local and international companies. Sven Moeller, Principal- africon, will be presenting at IHK Reutlingen: Global Business Network’s  event on June 22nd, 2022 on “Marketing and Product Positioning of German Companies in Africa: How German companies can benefit from the African growth markets.” The presentation will spotlight key trends and opportunities […]

Slide of the month (SOTM) June. Blood transfusion landscape in Tanzania

We have been conducting many projects in the medical and pharma sector in 2021 and Q1 2022 for companies, associations, and government agencies. Therefore, we have undertaken hundreds of interviews with decision-makers and key industry experts in the continent, particularly in West and East Africa. Through one recent research for a blood transfusion equipment supplier, […]

Slide of the month (SOTM) May. Construction projects in Africa

  Africa’s booming population creates vast opportunities, including significant demand for robust infrastructure. Some of the key drivers of this growth are economic growth, urbanization, industrialization, and the growth of the middle class. African governments have prioritized the improvement and diversification of infrastructure and construction projects. We researched on the regional construction industry in Africa […]

Slide of the month (SOTM) April. Demand for heavy machinery in Africa

The African continent has seen tremendous growth in construction equipment & heavy machinery. Urbanization drives the demand for construction to meet residential, commercial, and infrastructure development needs. We recently concluded a multi-country analysis and prioritization for a large European construction and industrial machine supplier. africon spent about three months meeting with key local decision-makers and […]

Event recap: “Speak to our Africa Experts” event a success

We had invited you to our event, Speak to our Africa Experts, which happened on February 8th and 9th, 2022. In this event, you had the chance to speak to our sector experts about the opportunities and challenges for your business in Africa. In the individual tailored meetings and virtual expert talks, 32 companies discovered the […]

Slide of the month (SOTM) March. Tanzania medical technology value chain

Medical technology markets in Africa offer great opportunities for local and international companies. africon recently completed a multi-country analysis for one of our clients interested in the sector. One of the countries we spotlighted in our country prioritization was Tanzania. Our client was interested in getting more insights into the value chain of medical technologies […]

Slide of the month (SOTM) February. Vehicles in operation in East African countries

Africa’s automotive market contains excellent opportunities for international companies. africon recently completed a project for a producer of automotive and industrial components. A key question to gauge the market size for the client was the size of vehicle fleets (vehicles in operation/ VIO) in East Africa. In East Africa, Kenya had the largest vehicle fleet […]

Slide of the month (SOTM) January. Estimated number of converters in select countries in Africa

  The printing industry in Africa is growing, although a few global players dominate the industry. We had shared another Slide of the Month (SOTM) that gave more insights into the Printing industry in West Africa. After carrying out many projects in Africa’s printing and packaging industry, we have collected lots of data over the years. […]