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signotec and XCOM Africa enter into strategic partnership

signotec and XCOM Africa announced that they have entered into a strategic partnership. From now on XCOM Africa is the distribution partner for the Nigerian market. Nigeria is one of the biggest markets in Africa. About the years it has already shown that it grows above average in the sector of banks, telecommunication and services. […]

Whitepaper consumer market Nigeria

The global competition forces companies to search for new markets. Africa is one of the fastest growing markets of the world. The population is set to grow up to 2 billion people in the next 40 years. One of the most interesting markets is Nigeria with a population of more than 170 million inhabitants. XCOM […]

Haller Nutzfahrzeuge decides for XCOM Africa

The Company Haller Nutzfahrzeuge has chosen XCOM Africa GmbH as their strategic partner for a market entry into Africa. Target of both companies is to jointly enter the African market to participate fully of the market growth in the infrastructure sector. Haller Nutzfahrzeuge is one of the leading supplier of trucks and busses in Southern […]

Whitepaper: Automotive in Africa – Focus Nigeria

Challenges for western companies are to find the right way to make use of these opportunities and also to be on time: In a few years the Nigerian automotive sector is likely to be split between those who invested early enough, which will make it difficult for foreign newcomers to gain foothold.