TU Berlin and Addis Ababa University students solve a business case for Henkel and Varta, organized by africon

Africa has become a continent of growth. Over the past 5 years, 7 out of the 10 strongest growth countries were in Africa. The growing economies with their business potential led to an increasing interest by German and international companies to kick-off or review their Africa growth strategies.

Within the framework of the special initiative Training and Employment, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development together with the DAAD funding program, “University-Business Partnerships between universities and industry in Germany and developing countries”, developed the IPLogE (Integration of Practice-oriented Logistics Education in Ethiopia). It aims to promote the exchange between Ethiopian and German students and to enable the application of theoretical concepts to real-life practices while enhancing their soft skills.

The Technical University of Berlin (TUB) and Addis Ababa University (AAU) collaborated on a joint program, African Logistics Networks – Bringing together German and Ethiopian logistics students. africon and some of our clients were selected as the business partners. We co-developed a case study with Henkel and Varta who presented to the students at the beginning of their course.

The course kicked off in Q4 in 2020 with lectures and virtual discussion. The students were supported by the business contacts as well as africon who provided practice-relevant content. They worked in groups and presented their solutions.

This joint program was successful, and it enhanced collaboration between the students. The students leveraged their problem-solving abilities to come up with solutions for business problems. They were also able to understand the drivers, challenges, and development of logistics.

In the closing ceremony Ms. Yeni Fowotade from africon gave some HR insights for the graduands on how to approach the job market.

africon selected as a knowledge partner for EMWA 2021

africon has been liaising as a knowledge partner with different reputable trade fairs, conferences, and shows in our key sectors including automotive, mechanical engineering, chemicals, consumer goods & FMCG, and industrial goods, among others. To see some of our work in the trade fair sector, you can browse through our references page.

As a knowledge partner, our role is to provide information on the manufacturing sector in Africa. Having completed over 100 projects in Africa, we have collected insights and data that is vital to companies interested in the sector.

We are happy to partner with EMWA (Equipment & Manufacturing West Africa). The event brings together leading suppliers and manufacturers with a captive audience that has the express desire to source and secure productivity-enhancing solutions. They will be given the opportunity to network with 3,000+ business owners and senior decision-makers who are all looking for new innovative products and services to enhance and maximize the profit of their business, and set their business going in the right direction to success.

Event Details

Venue: Landmark Centre

Show dates & time: Tuesday, 27 April 2021: 10 am – 4 pm, Wednesday, 28 April 2021: 10 am – 4 pm, Thursday, 29 April 2021: 9 am – 3 pm

See more about attending and registering for the event here.

Exhibitor sign up 


Kwame Ankomah Gyamfi joins africon as a Business Analyst in Ghana.

Based on our philosophy of “bridging potentials“, where we consult the management of global companies on their Africa strategy (beginning with their market entry until the local implementation), we have expanded our footprint in West Africa by hiring a Business Analyst from Ghana.

The africon vision is to create possibilities not only for international companies wanting to do business in Africa, but also for those in Africa wanting to expand within the continent, and internationally. Ghana has been in the spotlight and we are getting more companies from some of our key focus industries requesting strategy consulting and market research.

Kwame Ankomah Gyamfi, who is based in Accra, joined africon in February 2021. Before joining, Mr. Gyamfi consulted for impact-oriented stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem. He holds a master’s degree in Development Finance from the University of Ghana Business School. Kwame has already started supporting clients with in-depth local market research, entire market analysis, strategy development, partner identification, sales, and business development in Ghana. He is currently working on a project on consumer goods in Ghana.

“I am happy to join the dynamic team at africon, I look forward to this challenge of presenting Africa as the next frontier of growth to our clients”, Kwame says.

To see more of our team members, see our team page.

africon and Quantron AG join forces for eMobility in Africa

eMobility has been a key topic in Africa with the rising need to electrify different modes of transportation. There is a large number of e-mobility innovations stemming from small and medium-sized companies in different countries in Africa.

africon has executed projects for clients in the eMobility sector and related fields like transport, automotive, and logistics. One recent notable liaison has been with Quantron AG, which is a key player in  the fields of eMobility, eEngineering, and eBattery. The company has been providing eMobility solutions to passenger and freight transport in Europe. They electrify new commercial vehicles  in a quiet and emission-free way. They also offer their own new electric utility vehicles.

africon and Quantron AG are joining forces to increase the representation of these solutions in Africa. We already see areas of application in the field and will be discussing them with the relevant stakeholders.

Learn more here 

Rhoda Berger joins africon as Senior Consultant  

The africon team has been growing in Germany, Kenya, Tanzania, Ghana & Nigeria. We consult the management of companies on their Africa strategy and pursue a hands-on approach with our team. To help us continue providing the best services for our clients, we brought on one new team member from Berlin, Germany. Rhoda Berger has joined africon as Senior Consultant in January 2021.

After her studies in Economics and Business Administration, she worked with the German African Business Association in Berlin where she focused on projects related to West and Central Africa. Later, she worked for a large consultancy firm where she handled various consulting projects with focus on digital transformation, mainly in the public sector. Rhoda is half Ethiopian and grew up in a German French environment. She will thus support the africon activities for/in Francophone Africa and handle projects in Ethiopia. Rhoda will also be in direct contact with prospective and existing clients of africon.

“I am very happy to be able to combine my previous consulting experience with my personal background, as well as my strong interest in economic and social developments in African countries. I look forward to some of the africon projects in different industries in Africa like healthcare, FMCG, automotive and others”, Rhoda says.

2021 marks africon’s 10th anniversary!

If your company reaches its 10th birthday, there is cause for celebration.

At africon, we’re excited to be celebrating our 10 years anniversary today!
The story of africon began 10 years ago and it has been a decade of growth. We’re grateful for a multitude of projects on the continent. We have been doing market research, offering market entry strategies, implementing projects on the ground and handling business development in countries in Africa.

The past decade has been very integral to the africon team. It has seen us grow in skills, team size, network size and project size. For this amazing journey, we would like to thank all our clients, our present and former staff and board members, a vast range of partners and finally, a huge network of individuals and firms we engaged with in Africa.
See some of our successful projects from key sectors here.

Messages from the team

The africon team has been the driving force behind africon’s success. Their passion, skills and commitment have fueled the company to greater heights.


Here are some messages from them.

Marc Zander, Founder and CEO

What an amazing experience! Bridging Potentials with Africa and for Africa has been the driving purpose for me in all the 10 years. It is great to see that the vision became a real business and that I had the opportunity, pleasure, and honor to meet so many friends, clients, business partners who liaised with me. Thank you to everyone who was a part of this venture and I look forward to bridging more potentials in the future!

Erik Deitersen, Principal

Happy birthday to africon! Having first joined the team in 2014, it has been a great journey for the company, but also for myself.

I think we came a very long way from our humble beginning, until today. I look forward to many more exciting years of consulting our clients about their business in Africa.

Harrison Mwaura, Senior Consultant

It has been a decade of amazing work by africon and all the credit goes to each and every one that put in the hard work to make it happen. On this special day, I am happy to be part of africon’s journey and look forward to achieving even more in the coming decade. Happy 10th year anniversary to africon.

Rhoda Berger, Senior Consultant

It is a great experience to have joined a company that has built a success story over the past decade. africon has provided people a better understanding of a diverse continent with enormous potential for the future. It has also encouraged and guided them towards new markets.

I am looking forward to exciting new projects with inspiring clients and to continue building bridges!

Aneth Herman, Junior Consultant

It is very exciting to be part of africon as we turn 10 years. Being with the company has made so much positive developments for me career wise. I am grateful and always enjoying working with africon. Indeed, the future is bright for africon.

Yeni Fowotade, Junior Consultant

Our growth and overall success story are quite interesting. I am proud of africon’s journey, how well we have developed in the past 10 years, and the picture of our future position as a company. It has been an exciting experience for me working with africon on breaking through and striving for the best in all we do. I am confident of how much more we will achieve together as we face the next decade.

Monika Gerdes, Office Manager

Founding africon 10 years ago has been a great and innovative idea, full of passion, trust and power. This has been inspiring me from the beginning. I am looking forward to what lies ahead of us. Bridging potentials is what africon is all about and that is what I experience every day at africon. I couldn’t be happier.

Jean Wandimi, Business Analyst & Head of Marketing

I am so grateful to be part of such a great team like africon as we hit this 10-year milestone. After successfully completing 100+ projects in Africa, I believe that were also destined for more breakthroughs. I look forward to seeing africon become the most reputable consulting company for Africa worldwide.

Amamchukwu Okafor, Business Analyst

It is intriguing to have joined a company genuinely interested in the potentials of the African continent. I believe the last 10 years have been of winning businesses, persuading investments and risk-shy investors to look to Africa. It has been a decade of success stories for firms that have successfully established and grown in Africa through africon. I am only optimistic about the next years!

Kwame Gyamfi, Business Analyst

Wow! It has been ten years of bridging potentials and presenting Africa as the next frontier of growth to investors. I am happy to be part of the team which is providing reliable market data and strategy to companies looking at the African market.

I look forward to more exciting projects in the next decade!

Lara Rösler, Working Student

It’s impressive what a development africon has made over the past 10 years. During my short time at africon, I have already had so many wonderful experiences. africon still has so much potential and I am more than happy to be part of africon and to be able to accompany africon on its further journey.


We will be sharing more info about the history of africon in subsequent news posts. If you would like to share your message to africon, please send us an email at info@africon.de


Manufacturing in Africa (steel and automotive focus) – Opportunities for Italian manufacturers of machine tools webinar

africon, together with UCIMU-SISTEMI PER PRODURRE, co-organized the webinar, Manufacturing in Africa (steel and automotive focus) – Opportunities for Italian manufacturers of machine tools. UCIMU is the Italian machine tool, robots, automation systems and ancillary products (NC, tools, components, accessories) manufacturers’ association. The session took place on Thursday 28th January 2021, from 10.00 to 11.00 GMT+1 and was exclusive to UCIMU member companies.

The webinar was introduced by the President of UCIMU, Barbara Colombo. It was an opportunity to take stock of the African market from the perspective of the machine tools sector. Marc Zander (Founder & CEO – africon) and Harrison Mwaura (Senior Consultant – africon) provided insights into the most dynamic sectors in the continent such as automotive, steel, infrastructure and construction, in target countries such as Kenya and Nigeria. They also shared strategic recommendations for market entry and growth strategies for Italian companies in Africa.

Learn more about UCIMU here .

africon to present at the Global DIGITAL FUTUREcongress Virtual on 25.02.2021

Do you want to expand internationally as a medium-sized company? Are you looking for committed door openers to help you enter foreign markets? We would like to invite you for GLOBAL DIGITAL FUTUREcongress happening on February 25th, 2021.

A virtual congress fair awaits you with over 60 exhibitors, keynotes, BVMW foreign representatives from 30 nations, impulse generators and door openers on the subject of “GERMAN Mittelstand meets International Business Development and Digitalization”. The target group of the event are medium-sized companies from Germany and abroad who are interested in making business contacts and  expanding their business globally. The event also offers extraordinary networking opportunities.

You can view the program and keynote speakers here 

Having successfully completed 100+ projects in Africa, we at africon will also be sharing our experience, insights and recommendations at the event. africon’s Principal, Erik Deitersen, will also be presenting about “Opportunities in Africa’s rising digital economy”.

The conference language is German and/or English.

Learn more from the video below and register on the event website

You can register with our free visitor code AYSXD



africon selected as a data partner for Statista

We are proud to announce that africon GmbH and Statista are joining forces in providing market data on different industries in Africa. Statista prides itself as being the global No1 Business Data Platform providing insights and facts across 170 industries and 150+ countries. africon is a management consultancy with a sole focus on Africa. We consult the management of companies on developing their go-to-market strategies in Africa. Having successfully completed 100+ projects in Africa, we have gathered innumerable industry insights. Some of these are now displayed on Statista’s platform to provide individuals and companies with comprehensive information about key industries on the continent.

The sectors covered include (but are not limited to) mechanical engineering, automotive, chemicals, consumer goods & FMCG, building materials, steel, water, woodworking, industrial goods, trade fairs & events and IT & financial services.

You can get some of the statistics that we have compiled together in the links below:

Market share of soft drink companies in Kenya 2018

Soft drinks production in Kenya 2015-2019

Trade fairs in East Africa, by country 2017

Trade fairs in East Africa, by category 2017

Glass industry export value from Africa 2018, by country of origin

Plastic film imports in Nigeria 2008-2017

Plastic film imports in Nigeria 2017, by type

Market value distribution of automotive parts in Nigeria 2018, by segment

Share of automotive parts imported into Sub-Saharan Africa 2017, by country

Distribution of packaging material used in Nigeria 2016

Distribution of plastic consumption in Nigeria 2017, by industry

Import volume of aluminum into Sub-Saharan Africa 2008-2017, by type

Penetration of fake products in the plug market in Nigeria 2015-2016

Market share of water filtration products in Sub-Saharan Africa 2017, by country

Leading brands of operational tractors in Nigeria 2016

Number of licensed motorcycles in Egypt 2011-2017

Distribution of licensed motorcycles in Egypt 2018, by type

Market share of aluminum in Ghana 2019, by fabricator

Share of fish waste in Ghana 2018, by source

Largest imports share in Africa 2018, by country

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Lara Rösler joins africon GmbH as a Working Student

Despite global uncertainties fueled by the pandemic, we were happy to see continued and reemerging interest in the African potentials towards the second half of the year. We are very grateful for a multitude of new and repeat clients from industries like steel, logistics, chemicals and industrial equipment among others. As our project work expands, our team has also been growing not only in Africa but also in Germany.

We were happy to welcome Lara Rösler who recently joined the team as a working student. She is based in Bremen. She studied business administration and management in her Bachelor at the University of Osnabrück and is completing a Master in business administration at the University of Bremen. Lara will support in the administrative department, mainly in project controlling. Her tasks will include ensuring that the project goals are achieved in our africon quality, as well as within budgets and timeframes.

I am very interested in the African markets and their potential. During my work with africon, I am looking forward to learn more about these potentials, as well as working in an international, highly motivated team. I also look forward to sharing my expertise and ensuring that projects run smoothly in africon“, Lara says.