David Osore joins africon as a Junior Consultant

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our team. David Osore joins our Kenya office as a Junior Consultant.

Kenya, often called the “Gateway to East Africa,” is a country that has great economic potential. The nation’s economy has steadily grown, making significant strides in various sectors, such as agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, and technology. Nairobi, its capital city, has emerged as a regional hub for innovation and entrepreneurship, earning the nickname “Silicon Savannah” due to its thriving tech ecosystem. Kenya’s strategic location and well-developed infrastructure have attracted multinational companies and fostered a conducive environment for businesses to flourish.

This has motivated africon to add another team member to the Nairobi office. As a Junior Consultant, David Osore’s role will be crucial in navigating this dynamic business landscape. His expertise in analysing market trends, identifying growth opportunities, and understanding consumer behaviours will be a great addition to the team. David is a seasoned digital native passionate about technology and the constant innovation that shapes our world. He is enthusiastic about Africa and is keen on the opportunities that the continent has to offer. With over 5 years of experience building businesses in Africa through sustainable business development, he has had the chance to work with various firms in industries such as technology, automotive, airlines, product stores, and manufacturing.

David holds a master’s degree in commerce from Strathmore University, specialising in Strategic Management. He focused on sustainable business growth and scaling based on available and untapped opportunities.

“I am very excited to be part of the africon talented team. I look forward to exploring more about Africa’s potential in different sectors and positioning the continent as a favourable market for global firms”, David notes.

We are delighted to have David Osore as part of the africon team, and we look forward to witnessing his contributions to our mission of bridging potentials.

East Africans embrace German trade fairs for business growth

The global COVID-19 pandemic significantly impacted economies worldwide, including East Africa. Lockdown measures, travel restrictions, and supply chain disruptions led to declining international trade and investment.

East African businesses showed resilience, adaptability, and a willingness to explore new avenues for growth. With its renowned trade fair market, Germany stands out as a favoured destination due to its reputation for excellence, innovation, and vast business opportunities.

Germany boasts a robust trade fair industry known for its world-class infrastructure, industry-specific events, and diverse exhibitors and attendees. The country hosts numerous internationally recognised trade fairs encompassing diverse sectors such as manufacturing, technology, automotive, agriculture, etc.

AUMA (the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry) highlighted current trends and prospects in the trade fair business in its annual publication, “AUMA Trends 2023/2024”. According to the report, Germany registered more than 141,000 exhibitors and 7.6 million visitors. More than 60% of leading global trade fairs occur in Germany, home to four out of the world’s ten largest exhibition grounds. These are Hannover, Frankfurt am Main, Cologne, and Düsseldorf.


Abyssinia group of companies who exhibited in Wire & Tube 2022 in Dusseldorf

As the official representative for Messe Duesseldorf in East Africa, we support businesses to showcase their products and services on a global platform. For these companies, German trade fairs provide an invaluable window into the global marketplace.

These events facilitate invaluable networking and exposure and empower businesses to stay competitive in a dynamic global market. The embrace of German trade fairs marks a turning point for East African businesses, as they unlock doors to endless opportunities and solidify their position on the world stage.

africon as a cooperation partner for the East African delegation to K trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany

East African delegation to K trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany

Looking ahead, we are excited about the prospects of welcoming even more visitors and exhibitors from East Africa to Germany’s prestigious trade fairs.


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africon as a cooperation partner for the East African delegation to K trade fair in Düsseldorf, Germany

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Maharit Woldeghiorghis joins africon as Head of Business Development

Maharit joins africon

We are excited to announce that Maharit Woldeghiorghis has joined africon GmbH as Head of Business Development. Maharit brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of fintech and economic development within African countries, making her a valuable addition to our dynamic team.

Maharit is an accomplished professional with a bachelor’s degree in Economy and Marketing from the University of Bologna. Additionally, she holds two master’s degrees in Communication and Growth Management. Currently based in Italy, Maharit has gained extensive experience working with both national and international companies.

Her expertise lies within the fintech and mobility ecosystems, where she has successfully contributed to significant and sustainable growth throughout various business cycles. Maharit’s professional journey has included working closely with companies in Ethiopia and Tanzania, further enhancing her understanding of these markets and their unique dynamics.

“After my impactful experience in Africa, specifically focused on remittances, I have developed a strong knowledge of fintech and economic development within African countries. Joining the vibrant team at africon GmbH fills me with joy and motivation, as it allows me to expand my knowledge further and acquire new skills. I am eager to contribute to the dynamic work environment and make a meaningful impact.” Maharit says.

At africon, Maharit assumes the role of Head of Business Development, and she will be responsible for driving strategic initiatives, fostering client relationships, and identifying new business opportunities.
We warmly welcome Maharit to the africon team and look forward to the valuable contributions she will bring to our work. Her deep expertise in fintech and passion for economic development in African countries will undoubtedly bolster our commitment to driving sustainable growth and creating lasting impact across the continent.

africon welcomes Yeni Fowotade to the management team

As africon continues to grow, we have strengthened our management team by adding our newest member, Yeni Fowotade. Yeni is located in Lagos, Nigeria and has worked with africon for 5 years.

Yeni’s appointment reflects the company’s commitment to providing high-quality consulting services to our clients, as africon is poised to solidify its position as the leading consulting firm for European companies interested in Africa.

“We are delighted to welcome Yeni Fowotade to our management team,” says Marc Zander, CEO of africon. “Having successfully delivered over 80 projects, with expertise in strategy development and market research, Yeni has created great value for our clients and supported them with navigating the complex, burgeoning business landscape in Africa.”

Yeni will oversee africon’s West Africa operations and direct the company’s human resources strategy in her new role. She will work closely with the executive team to identify new business opportunities and design and implement operational plans that align with the company’s vision and values. West Africa has immense economic potential, characterized by a rapidly growing consumer market, abundant natural resources, and a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. This presents a significant opportunity for africon to support European companies in expanding their operations and tapping into this dynamic market.

“It is quite thrilling for me to undertake this responsibility with a company with such a laudable reputation for accelerating business relations between Africa and the rest of the world. I look forward to further cooperation with the team towards advancing the company and helping our clients realize the vast potential of African markets”, Yeni notes.

We look forward to Yeni’s positive impact on the company’s growth trajectory.

africon Founder & CEO Marc-Peter Zander selected in QUANTRON AG’s advisory board

Quantron AG, a specialist in sustainable mobility, has expanded its Supervisory Board and africon’s Founder & CEO, Marc-Peter Zander, has been selected among the seven board members. Mr. Zander has more than 25 years of cross-cultural experience while doing business in Africa through international organisations such as the MAN Group and Wincor Nixdorf.

“The position is a great honour for me. Quantron has become a key player in sustainable mobility concepts and will soon be a more global player besides the US and Saudi Arabia. Being part of this internalization will be the key focus of my work,” he says.

Quantron notes that expanding the board with a wide range of competencies ensures that they master challenges at an international level in the best possible way in the future.

You can read more here.

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Shaymaa Hafeez africon

Shaymaa joins africon as a Business Analyst

Shaymaa Hafeez africon

We are excited to announce the latest addition to our team. Shaymaa Hafeez joins our Egypt office as a Business Analyst.
Egypt has one of Africa’s largest and fastest-growing economies, with a GDP of over $400 billion. Its strategic location, large population, and young, tech-savvy workforce make it an attractive business market. With its large consumer markets, strategic location, and diverse economy, Egypt presents numerous opportunities for international companies. “This motivated us to fully employ a person in the market” says Marc-Peter Zander.

Our new team member brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the Egyptian market, having worked with numerous businesses across different sectors. She deeply understands the local market and is well-equipped to provide our clients with valuable insights and data to help them make informed decisions.

She holds a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Political Science from Cairo University. She also has a Nano degree certificate from Udacity (Challenger-Professional tracks) and has a diploma in Data Analysis and Feasibility Studies. She is well-versed with PowerPI, Python and SPSS.

Shaymaa’s experience stems from working as a research analyst at Omdena Platform, a Data Analyst at Solution MAX company, and a Senior Research Analyst at Z2data company.
“I appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the africon team, as it has allowed me to gain in-depth expertise in diverse fields. I eagerly anticipate contributing my skills and knowledge to various projects to enrich my professional experience”, she says.
We are confident that her skills, knowledge, and experience will be valuable to our team and enable us to provide even more comprehensive and effective services to our clients.

Why the South African medical technology market is interesting for German manufacturers

Over the past 10-20 years, African medical technology markets have become increasingly interesting for German companies.

We recently got featured by Medizin & Technik where our Founder and CEO Marc-Peter Zander highlighted some insights from our projects in the healthcare market in Africa.

South Africa is one of the most economically developed countries in Africa. Manufacturers from Germany cite South Africa as having a market that is technology savvy, professional and armed with a functioning distributor network.

On the other hand, almost 40% of all medical devices and laboratory equipment in South Africa are imported from Germany.

We answer the following questions in the article:

  • Why should German companies in the health sector look at South Africa?
  • How do we support clients in entering the South African medical market?
  • What are some of our case studies in the country?
  • We highlight a case study for a medium-sized German company interested in the market for special individual components for prosthesis manufacturing in South Africa.
  • What is the future outlook for the industry?

Learn more about this by reading the article here.

Feature: How do you find the right partners when setting up a business in Africa?

Choosing the right local partners is crucial for German companies to succeed in Africa. In the third issue of the BVMW  #AfrikaContact Magazine, we shared our expertise on this topic. We detailed the successful entry in four essential steps, as seen on pages 57 and 58 of the magazine.

You can download the magazine below.

German edition

English edition

africon shares insights on sustainable agriculture in Côte d’Ivoire

Sustainable agriculture has become a crucial topic globally now more than ever. In our September SOTM (slide of the month), we highlighted agriculture as one of the most vital sectors in Africa. It provides employment and food for the population. We also analysed the top agricultural exporters from Africa, and Cote d’Ivoire was the top country exporting cocoa, nuts, rubber, and fruits.

Kevin Armattoe, a Business Analyst – africon, Côte d’Ivoire, spoke in a panel on “Promotion of farmers’ seeds in the face of climate diversity in West Africa”. Attendees included experts from different fields in agriculture and PhD students in nutrition and agriculture. He shared data on the potential for sustainable agriculture in Côte d’Ivoire. It is a lower middle-income country that has the power to be one of the largest economies in West Africa. Agriculture is one of the growth sectors, and over 60% of the country’s land is dedicated to farming. Ivory Coast is the biggest cocoa producer globally, supplying about 2,200,000 tons of cocoa beans annually.

However, some of the agricultural sector’s challenges are soil erosion, deforestation, and climate change. Kevin mentioned that many programs and initiatives are in place that promote sustainable agriculture. He recommended solutions such as technology (i.e. farming with detectors) and research and training to improve the thinking on sustainable agriculture.

If you have comments or questions on the topic, contact us.

Intergune 2022, the internationalization forum of the Basque Country

Organised by SPRI Group, the Basque Business Development Agency, Intergune 2022, the internationalization forum of the Basque Country took place from 26th to 28th October 2022 in Bilbao, Spain.

As the official representative for Basque Trade and Investment in Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania, africon attended the event. It brought together Basque companies and international representatives from all over the world to discuss the market potential world-wide and in Africa.

africon’s Founder and CEO, Marc-Peter Zander, was at Intergune 2022 and notes that it was “a well-attended event with informative forums and it provided a great opportunity for us to network and share insights on opportunities for Basque companies in Ghana, Tanzania and Kenya”.

With our proven track record of helping companies successfully create their Africa strategies, we look forward to providing business intelligence for Basque companies interested in the countries that we represent.