Slide of the month (SOTM) March. Tanzania medical technology value chain

Medical technology markets in Africa offer great opportunities for local and international companies. africon recently completed a multi-country analysis for one of our clients interested in the sector. One of the countries we spotlighted in our country prioritization was Tanzania. Our client was interested in getting more insights into the value chain of medical technologies in the country.

Our findings were that two major distribution channels are used to reach end-users when distributing medical technology products. The first and the biggest avenue is the public channel, managed by Medical Stores Department (MSD). MSD is the authorized body responsible for procuring, storing, and distributing medical products in the country. 70% – 80% of the medical technology products pass through this channel. The second channel is the private channel which is dominated by private companies. 30% – 20% of the medical technology products pass through this channel.

Based on these and other findings, we shared the opportunities, route to market strategies, and tactical recommendations that would guide the client in strengthening their foothold in the second-largest market in the East African medical technology market.

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